financial stability
The financial health crisis facing Canadians predates the pandemic and has now been exasperated by it. Canadian households continue to carry a record level of household debt and many are just $200 away from insolvency. With widespread financial insecurity and precarity becoming a new normal, it would appear we need to bring forth the idea of a simpler financial dream: financial stability for all.
financial health
Prior to the pandemic, the financial health of Canadians was of great concern to the Bank of Canada, who often cited the record level of household debt as a serious threat to our economy. Just like our physical and mental health, we need to put in the time, effort, and commitment to maintain and improve our financial health.
Financial Independence
The global pandemic of COVID-19 is ushering in a new world order. We can’t predict what this will look like but I am quite certain that, just like 9/11, there will be enduring social, economic, and financial impacts which will cause us all to live a little bit, and perhaps a lot differently, from this day forward. In fact, now is the time to choose to pursue Financial Independence.
Mastering Money
One of the biggest ironies of modern life is that we are all taught how to make money but we are not taught how to manage money. Just like learning a new language or how to play a musical instrument, learning how to manage money takes time, commitment, specific knowledge, practice, learning from mistakes, and lots of discipline.
I absolutely love the start of a New Year and this year is a bonus because it is the start of a new decade. For many, myself included, a New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to set new and exciting goals for the future. When you are Fin$mart, you can achieve your goals more quickly and with greater ease.
With the explosive rise of FinTech – Financial Technology that automates and seeks to improve the delivery and use of financial services - there are literally hundreds of ways you can get a handle on your finances in the 21st Century. Working with a Money Coach and a Financial Advisor keeps the personal in Personal Finance.