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Money Coaches in Canada

Coaching for Teens &
Young Adults

This is the BEST GIFT parents can give to their children, grandchildren, or young adults in their life.

Fin$mart coaching packages teach all the fundamentals of Personal Finance including money management, goal-setting, earning, saving, spending, credit, debt and investing.

Set your kids up for success with essential financial knowledge, tools, and the right money mindset for the real world.

3 Month Coaching Packages are priced at $750 for pre-launch kids and $1,000 for young adults post-launch.

Coaching by the hour for Teens & Young Adults is available at $75 per hour.

Coaching for
Mature Adul

As mature adults, you are more established in your life, have some assets, and big life goals.  Whether you are  buying a home, starting a family, determining how to build wealth for your future, or planning for your dream retirement, knowing your options and the best course of action is invaluable.

Fin$mart will also help you prepare for, and get through, challenging times such as job loss or getting out of debt.

3 Month Coaching Packages are priced at $1,500 for mature individuals and $2,000 for mature couples. Price could vary depending on complexity of the current finances and household.

Coaching by the hour for Mature Adults is available at $100 per hour.


Many students are earning money at a young age and setting sights on their future, including post-secondary education, a chosen career, entrepreneurship, or travel. 

All of these goals will be achieved more easily and quickly with commitment and a strong understanding of Personal Finance.

Young adults also need to know the basics of credit, debt and the importance of saving to avoid costly mistakes.

Customized presentations start at $350 based on audience size, presentation length, desired content, and location. Fin$mart can also be retained as a Personal Finance Educator throughout the school year.

Sample Topics: Financial Smarts are a Critical Life Skill, The Language of Money, How to be Smart with Credit and Avoid Debt, How to Start Investing & set your Future Self up for Financial Success.

Financial Wellness in the Workplace

Financial stress is the biggest stressor in employee’s lives and can seriously impact productivity, performance, health, morale and your bottom line.

As a primary source of income, employers have a vital role to play in supporting the financial health of their employees.

Many employers already recognize the advantages of providing retirement savings plans, health and wellness programs, and other benefits. A financial wellness program is a natural extension of these existing benefits.

Supporting the financial health of your employees can be more beneficial than a raise.  It can also enhance your company’s value proposition as a good employer.

View our Fin$mart Financial Wellness brochure and please contact us to set up a discovery call.

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