Tanya L. Oliva, BBA, AFCC®

Personal Finance Educator and Expert Money Coach


Following a successful and rewarding business career with leading companies in Canada, I have now taken the leap as an entrepreneur to establish Fin$mart and pursue my passion as a Personal Finance Educator & Expert Money Coach.

From my 20 plus  years in the corporate world, I bring expertise in marketing, communications, public relations, strategic planning, financial management, and community investment. 
In my personal life, I have been working since my early teens and have always paid my way.  Things took a turn when I experienced a financial meltdown in my early thirties as a result of divorce,  job loss, and the dot.com crash recession at the same time.
Through effective money management strategies, my unique cash-flow budget system, and a Fin$mart money mindset, I have successfully navigated many significant life events, developed life-changing approaches to goal setting, budgeting, decision making, and investing. Together, this has allowed me to build wealth so I can live and work on my own terms.
From an educational perspective, I received my Bachelor of Business of Administration from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC, which was named by MacLean’s Magazine as the Best Comprehensive University in Canada the year I graduated, and continues to hold this top spot today. 
In 2008, I successfully completed the Real Estate Licensing Course at the Sauder School of Business at UBC in Vancouver and was a licensed real estate agent with Sutton West Coast Realty.  Over the years, I profitably timed the purchase and sale of a number of residential properties for both personal and investment purposes.  In 2016, I designed and custom built my dream home while managing the construction budget to ensure excellent value for money throughout the entire process.

Most recently, through both academic achievement and proven experience (1,000 hours of client service), I earned my Accredited Financial Counselor of Canada (AFCC®) designation which provides recognized professional qualifications in Personal Finance and Financial Counseling. 

With my passion for public speaking, I have also completed Toastmasters International “Presentation Mastery” which involved hundreds of hours of prep and presentation over a period of 18 months.  I have a number of Fin$mart signature talks of varying lengths to enlighten, energize, and empower audiences of any size.

As you can gather, I am uniquely qualified and genuinely excited to share my substantial experience, knowledge, and expertise to help people, and women in particular, take control of their finances and get on the path to Financial Independence.
Simply put, Financial Independence is when you know everything there is to know about your money, you are able to make your own financial decisions and not depend on others or rely on debt, and you have the ability to live and work on your own terms.
Rather than Retirement, we should all be striving to achieve ‘Findependence’.
I teach my clients best practices – Financial Smarts – in all aspects of Personal Finance from earning, saving, spending, budgeting, borrowing to investing and planning. 
On your Fin$mart journey to financial wellness, I promise to:
  • provide you with Clarity, Mastery, and Transformation,
  • leave you feeling Enlightened, Energized, and Empowered, and
  • get you firmly on the path to financial independence so you can live your best life today, while accomplishing personal and professional goals with empowerment, not financial stress.
Are you ready to change your life for the better?