Mindset is everything.

The Fin$mart Money Mindset is a game changer.   

Your mindset is the lens with which you view the world. Your money mindset is how you think, feel, value, and behave with money. 

The Fin$mart Money Mindset helps you develop a positive, healthy, and honest relationship with money. It is the mindset we need in the 21st Century and in a Post-Pandemic world.
The Fin$mart Money Mindset is infused into our value-centred, holistic approach and throughout our four-stage process detailed below.

Fin$mart delivers
our A-Game through our
4 stage holistic process

Stage 1: Awareness

Know everything there is to know about your finances. Understand your current state of financial wellness and determine your FinHeath Score™.

Stage 2: Anticipation

Be Fin$mart for your present and future self. Make financial decisions and choices that align with your values, goals, and life vision.

Stage 3: Action

Adopt the Fin$mart Money Mindset and implement the Fin$mart Forward Budget. Get your finances in order – Spend, Save, Borrow and Plan. Take action on financial priorities and life goals while optimizing your finances.

Stage 4: Achievement

Achieve progress on your financial priorities and life goals. Transform from financial insecurity and stress to financial security and peace-of-mind, and get firmly on the path to financial independence.


Get Fin$mart!

Personal Finance is personal.

Financially Counselling & Coaching is personalized to your concerns and circumstances.

Keynotes and Educational Presentations are customized to your audience.

Financial Wellness in the Workplace is designed to meet the needs of your employees and improve your bottom line.

We can no longer ignore our financial health. Let’s talk about the potential to make a positive and  meaningful difference in people’s lives.

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