Our Promise

Our Promise

Fin$mart helps you get on the path to Financial Independence.

Throughout this journey, we promise to deliver our clients:

Clarity — Financial Awareness

Mastery — Financial Preparedness

Transformation — Financial Security & Peace-of-Mind

Our Mission & Vision

Financial Advisor, Coach in Victoria

Fin$mart services are personalized to our client's unique needs and circumstances.

We use a values-centred, holistic approach to your personal finances.

Our Mission — to leave you feeling enlightened, energized and empowered in all aspects of your personal finances.

Our Vision — to inspire, motivate, and lead individuals and households across Canada to become Fin$mart – financially smart – so they can live their best life today and in the future.

Our Core Values

Our Core & Values

When we work with our clients, we promise to bring our best.

Our Core Values guide us on our journey together:

Radiating Mojo
confidence, enthusiasm
energy, always

Insightful Intelligence
wisdom with foresight

Embracing Positivity
heart and mind in full alignment

Valued Contribution —
empowerment, security and peace-of-mind

Instilling Resiliency —
weather the storm for blue sky opportunities 

Being Real —
authentic, compassionate, and genuine

Sharing Joy — 
the purpose of life