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Tanya is so comprehensive, knowledgeable and passionate about her work. I always leave sessions feeling like I've gained valuable knowledge and skills. Tanya has made me realize that my goals can be made achievable by putting in the work and being smart about spending and saving. I am so excited to watch my dreams become a reality thanks to my new Fin$marts!
Megan Testimonials
Megan, Kelowna
Young Adult
I feel more knowledgeable and in control of my financial future, just after the first meeting. I feel less overwhelmed and for the first time, excited and inspired about being smart with my money. In fact, being 'Fin$mart' is now how I make financial decisions and choices every day and it feels very empowering. Thank you Tanya for setting me on the path to Financial Independence!
Kimberly Testimonials
Kimberly, UK
Mature Adult
Getting educated about money has been a real eye-opener. Tanya is teaching me how to budget, set goals, and prioritize my spending. Before, I didn't have a 'real world' understanding about the financial consequences of my decisions. I have learned so much just after 3 sessions and actually love having these Fin$mart conversations.

Bowen Testimonials
Bowen, Vernon
Tanya has opened my eyes and significantly raised my level of confidence and competence in managing my financial affairs. She demystified the world of finance so I could step into it myself to create a financially sustainable present and future, rather than hoping a fairy would somehow make it all right. Furthermore, I am a Canadian Australian and she has been able to help me across both countries.
Tanya has provided a level of education and understanding that I have not received anywhere else.
She has coached me to identify alternatives and a better solution for some of my investment funds which will save me significant money in fees, while generating higher returns going forward. Yes, I wish I had found her sooner, but am making the most of her skills now and am very grateful.
Natacha, Australia
Mature Adult
We have accomplished a lot in our lives so far, raising three young children and starting a new business, however it has also resulted in the accumulation of significant debt. We are so glad to have found Fin$mart which is providing us with a clear and manageable approach to getting our financial house in order. In the two months we have been working with Tanya, we now have a solid understanding of our finances, have calculated our net worth for the first time, have implemented a budget, and a plan to pay off debt while saving for important family goals. While it will take time, effort and discipline over the next two years to become more financially secure, we feel more in control and less overwhelmed by our finances. We highly recommend Tanya and her friendly, effective approach.
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J & W,
Vancouver Island
Mature Adult Couple
I was blown away that I found this Fin$mart Money Masterclass on Registered Saving Plans so interesting. There was quite a bit of information that I didn't know anything about.
This Masterclass was everything you want when you go to an educational presentation, it was interesting, informative, and applicable.
Tanya obviously knows what she is talking about and you can tell by the way she delivers the information - she was a real pro. I look forward to attending more of her financial presentations in the future.
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Vancouver Island
Group Presentation Attendee
Michelle - Mother of Working Teen

I’m the mother of a 16 year old son who started his first ‘real’ job last summer.  He has been earning a reasonable paycheck bi-weekly as well as profiting significantly from his film and video work. 

My son spent his money quickly and without much thought.  I witnessed many stops at his favourite fast food restaurant as well as spontaneous purchases and online credit card purchases (mine) for film equipment.  Sometimes I would receive e-transfers as payback but they were sporadic.  I felt like the ‘money situation’ was getting out of control. Despite earning a good salary for a teenager, he was already falling into debt. 

This is when Tanya introduced her new financial coaching business to me – Fin$mart.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I’ve known Tanya all my life.  Trustworthy, smart, relatable, personable and passionate about money sense and sharing her knowledge.  I knew right away she would be the perfect financial coach for my son. 

Tanya laid out a clear plan of how she would work with my son and after their introductory call I felt a sense of relief. He relayed to me that Tanya was easy going, interesting and fun. She really took the time to establish a relationship, find out what he was interested in, what his concerns were and what he would like to get out of the sessions.

As the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child”.  I’m grateful that Tanya can provide my son with the gift of a healthy attitude about finances and the knowledge he needs to make Fin$mart decisions. 

MICHELLE, MOther of Working Teen, VERNON, BC