Financial Wellness is Key to our Overall Wellness

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Tanya talks Financial Wellness and why we need to get Fin$mart in this short video. Click the image to watch.

Get Fin$mart and Take Control over Your Money.

Your money mindset is how you think, feel, value, and behave with money.  Fin$mart is the healthy, positive, and empowering money mindset we all need in the 21st Century, and particularly in a post-pandemic world. 

In this century, we are facing a number of challenging realities that heighten the need for Personal Finance education and a Fin$mart approach to money:

  • Retirement planning is an individual’s responsibility. Gone are the days where most people are offered a pension plan with their job; today only about 10% of non-union private sector employees have one.  Regardless, we all need to plan for our future years.
  • Precarious employment. We are all expendable in our jobs and the gig economy — freelance, contract, side hustles — provides next to no security or benefits. Many low and high skilled jobs are facing elimination as a result of automation and artificial intelligence.
  • Low interest rate environment. In order to achieve Financial Independence in our later years, we must invest to build wealth. Savings in low return investments, combined with inflation and management fees, will not cut it.
  • Rise in the cost of living. Incomes have not kept pace with the cost of living. Households have taken on record consumer debt.  For many, a financial meltdown is only an emergency or interest rate hike away.

We all need to take control of our money. Personal Finance education is the best gift you can give yourself, your children, and your employees.

Fin$mart helps you develop a new money mindset and teach you the financial knowledge and skills you need to successfully navigate life events, live within your means, accomplish your personal & professional goals, and get on the path to Financial Independence.  Fin$mart’s innovative budget system is a game-changer. 

We promise to provide our clients with Clarity – financial awareness, Mastery – financial preparedness, and Transformation – financial security & peace-of-mind.

Fin$mart Financial Wellness in the Workplace is an integrated, multi-channel solution. Rooted in research and based on an assessment of your employee needs, our holistic approach can be more beneficial than a raise and can significantly enhance the bottom line.  A genuine win-win benefit.

With personalized support, recommendations, and accountability every step of the way, getting Fin$mart is an enlightening, energizing, and empowering experience!


Why Fin$mart

The best time to get your financial house in order is when you are young.

The second best time is today.